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Why you need this
You're in a resource-constrained environment with a small staff, big goals, and lots of uncertainty.
A next-generation sales service
We'll engage targeted audiences of your choice and drive ticket purchases with unique prospecting technology that tracks everything.
No budget? No problem!
Zero base cost. $0 start-up. $0 licensing. $0 monthly. $0 sales resource cost. No risk. We earn 25% of revenue driven directly from our links.
You're in control
Tell us the types of promotions you want us to run, inventory, and pricing. Schools, non-profits, corporate, anything. Exempt what you want.
Next step?
Just complete a form letting us know what sales channels you want the service for. We'll reach out, formalize the engagement, and get going once you have ticket pricing.
If you have any questions, just email hello@ticketplaybook.com